Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Heidi Chronicles by Wendy Wasserstein

Kelly picked this one, 13, 13. So lucky number 13 led to The Heidi Chronicles, which is an excellent play about one woman's journey through feminism from the 1960s to the 1990s. The play really captures the changing face of feminism and how it was much more ardent and intense in the '70s than in the '80s. Although the play mostly focuses on Heidi and her female friends, it also examines her relationships with two men, her gay best friend Peter and her sometimes paramour Scoop. I have read this play ALOT. It seems like any class I took in college that had any relation to women, homosexuality, feminism, culture in the 1970's or '80s, drama, or any combination of these topics made us read the book. It wasn't a huge problem for me because the book is so engrossing and it lead me to read Wasserstein's first (and only) novel, 'The Elements of Style.' I would recommend this play to any woman, from age 14 until 104. Heidi's voice really resonates with me and I think this is probably a must read for anyone interested in women's studies or women's history in any way. Also, it won a Tony award and a Pulitzer. Holler.

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