Saturday, February 13, 2010

Perfect by Natsha Friend

Don't let this girly pink cover fool you, this book deals with some SERIOUS issues, but not in a way that makes you think, "gee this book is sure dealing with some SERIOUS issues." Perfect focuses on Isabelle, an eighth grader who has a lot of problems in her life. She lives with her mother and her sister, all of them still reeling from the death of her father. Her grief manifests itself in her inabilty to stop binging and purging. The book focuses on what happens when her bulimia is found out and what she has to go through to recover. I read this book when I was leading a book club for seventh grade girls at the middle school I taught at in Brooklyn and they all loved it. It is the perfect (no pun intended) book for middle school girls because it deals with a very important issue without being preachy, but it is still an extremely engaging read. One of the main reasons that I read a ton of YA literature is to stock up on good recommendations for my students. This book falls squarely into that category.

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