Saturday, February 6, 2010

You Know You Love Me: A Gossip Girl Novel

Sorry this imaged is smushed (but not in the Jersey Shore sense where smushing equals something far dirtier) I love these books, they are hilarious and witty and super juicy. However there are a million of them and they all kind of run together in my head. This pick comes courtesy of my boss Greg who likes to pick the highest number possible, when I asked him to give me a number from 1-30, he said 50. I made him choose again so he chose 29. Then when I told him to pick a number from 1-50, he was super excited and mad to pick 50. Thus, Gossip Girl.
This book is pretty much the same as all the rest. Blair and Serena fight and act super bitchy. Nate dates someone who isn't Blair and she gets all testy. Jenny is all innocent and freshman like, and Dan is a super sketchy, weirdo creep. The point of this is that the books are awesome and the tv show is not. In the books (as I just said) Dan is super creepy and a stalker and a lame hipster poet. On the show he is having threesomes with Hilary Duff!!! Oh Lizzie Mcguire, where did you go wrong? Also, on the show Vanessa doesn't have a shaved head and is way more mainstream then in the books where her anti-everything sentiments actually make sense. And Jenny? Don't even get me started. Taylor Momsen is like a crappier Courtney Love and Courtney Love SUCKS. The only redeem quality of the show is how awesome Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) is. In the books he is kind of a secondary character (who wheres scarfs and carries around a monkey, classic!) but on the show he is all, "I'm Chuck Bass..." And then he has sex with you in a limo. Or anywhere basically. He is awesome and his relationship with Blair on the show is amazing. It's like Cruel Intentions incestous sibilings Katherine and Sebastian all over again but without the incest. Oh well, you can't when them all.
So to recap, Gossip Girl books: yay. Gossip Girl tv show: Boo. Leighton Meister and Ed Westwick: Double yay! Taylor Momsen: Barf. Random cameos by Dawn from Buffy: holler!

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